Tips for Using Alpha Buck

Keep your clothes as separated from ordinary life as much as possible.

Spray Alpha Buck on your hunting clothes right before you go hunting, and after the hunt avoid wearing them in the house or in your vehicle. Consider storing your hunting clothes in a sealed plastic tote or hunting bag, or hanging them outside under an awning or other covered area. When I purchase new hunting clothes, I wash them in Arm & Hammerâ„¢ washing soda and hang them to dry outside. The most important thing is to use an unscented detergent. Avoid a dryer (unless you have a designated dryer for hunting clothes), and never use scented fabric softener or dryer sheets. If possible, avoid washing your hunting clothes between hunts. Just store them and spray again before each use. My wife would die, but I have gone as many as two years between washing my hunting clothes. I always store them hanging outside under an awning during hunting season and in a dedicated plastic tote between seasons.

Spray It Everywhere

I spray alpha buck on all my clothes and gear before and after every hunt, and I also spray it around my final hunting spot.

Be Careful!

Alpha Buck Works!! It will draw them in, so be careful! Pay attention and be ready!

By: Greg Solt